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1st Classic Cars To Buy

Classic car ownership can be overwhelming for a newcomer. Many who’ve bought something they thought would be a fun experience, turned out to be a nightmare. Although ownership of an old car will always have ups and downs, here’s our guide for some great cars to ease you into the hobby


 MERCEDES-BENZ SL (1971-1989)
If you’re looking for well-built top down fun, look no further than an SL. With over 240,000 Roadsters built in period, finding a really good example that’s been well taken care of is not difficult. With fuel injection and a robust cooling system, you can drive it almost worry free. Don’t forget to do your best Richard Gere impersonation as you cruise around town.



 MGB (1962-1967)
The classic British sports car. The MGB was once the highest selling convertible ever made, only to lose to the Mazda Miata. With its tremendous aftermarket support, every single part is available (try that with an Alfa Romeo). 
Most valuable years would be 62-67, with 66-67 being the sweet spot with the updated motor.

 Datsun Z (1970-1978)
The Japanease answer to the British invasion was a well built stylish coupe called the 240Z. The car was cheap, fun and reliable. Even as the safety and emmission laws came into effect, they adapted. The motor got bigger and the bumpers didn't visually destroy the lines, the British sports car was pretty much done. In true japanease form, alot of the mechanical parts are interchangeable making parts not very difficult to source.
We prefer the classic and cleanest 240z lines but a 260z or a 280z is a great choice as well. Rust is a big concern with these, being 40 years old, it's to be expected. Pay a little more and get a clean car.

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