About us

A House of Cars is an online auction website that focuses on the enthusiast market. Our goal is to unite a buyer and a seller by creating a transparent listing. Furthermore, the great car community can comment on a listing and share their knowledge and views.

How does it work?

Sellers submit their cars to AHOC. Once our team decides to list it, we contact the seller and work with them to create an auction listing. The listing is focused on what we deem to be an honest representation of the vehicle.

The auction is live for 7 days.

Here is a list of a few common questions. If you need any help or have any questions you can contact us at [email protected]



What does it cost to list on AHOC?
The listing is free. We do not charge the seller any listing fees.

Can I list from any country?
Yes, we accept listings from all around the world.

What type of vehicles can I list?
We only list what we consider to be an enthusiast car, motorcycle or memorabilia. When a vehicle is submitted to us, we decide if we should list it based on different criteria; type of vehicle, reserve price, condition, quality of photos and information provided.

How do I submit a vehicle?
To submit a vehicle click HERE.

All of our sellers have to be registered as bidders. This is done for a few reasons. The first is to add a higher level of security when screening sellers. The second is to facilitate a possible payment or a charge from us to the seller under certain circumstances.

Once your vehicle is submitted, our team reviews the information. If we decide to list it, you will be contacted by one of our auction specialists. With the information and the photos provided, the auction specialist will create a listing. With your approval of the draft, it will then go live. Once the auction is live, we ask for all other online listings to be taken down.

The reserve is the minimum amount that the seller will accept as the winning bid in the auction. By working together with the seller, we determine what the reserve price will be.

The seller can lower or remove the reserve price at any time during the auction by contacting us.

After a winning auction, AHOC will send the buyer and the seller each other’s contact information. The transaction for the vehicle will be made between the buyer and the seller. As a suggestion, we recommend the seller send a bill of sale and a copy of the title before the buyer sends a payment. We also recommend the buyer pay with a wire transfer.

The shipping arrangements and payment is the responsibility of the buyer.



How do I become a registered bidder?
Registering to bid is simple, just click HERE. All registered bidders first have to sign up with their username and password.

How do I bid on an auction?
Once you have registered to become a bidder, you will now be able to bid on any auction. As long as there’s still time on the auction, you will be able to bid. If your bid is higher than the current bid, you will become the high bidder. This bid is the amount you will be responsible for paying if you win the auction.

The buyer’s fee is 5% of the final winning bid with a minimum fee of 250$. This fee is on top of your bid.

Anti-Snipping feature
To give every bidder a fair chance, there's an Anti-Snipping feature built in. If you place a bid within the last two minutes, the auction time will restart at the two minute mark.

What happens after the auction? How do I pay the seller?
At the end of the winning auction, the 5% is paid from the buyer’s credit card. At the close of a winning auction, the winning bidder and seller receive each other’s information via email. The transaction for the winning bid amount is done between the buyer and the seller. As a precaution, we recommend the seller send the buyer a bill of sale and a photocopy of the title. We also recommend payment to be done via a wire transfer.

Cancelling a bid
We do not cancel bids. Before you enter your bid, please review it and place it carefully.

Buying a car that didn’t meet reserve
If an auction ends and it hasn’t met the reserve, we will send the high bidder’s contact information to the seller. They will then work out a deal amongst themselves.

Contacting the Seller and Pre-Purchase Inspection
All questions to the seller will be done in the comments section. This way everyone will be able to see the answers. We always recommend inspecting the car before buying. The seller will make his email available to those who wish to inspect the vehicle.


How to Contact us

You can contact us at [email protected]